US House of Representatives Michigan-6th District


Why I’m Running

I am a part-time teacher and mom. I have seen and experienced the ways in which people of this district are struggling. I believe we need more working and middle class people making the policy decisions that affect their lives. Being a political leader should not be exclusively for the wealthy and well-connected. The people of this district have so much to offer, and yet we are forced to accept and suffer the consequences of the choices made by the wealthy and well-connected. I am running to incite change in a broken and antiquated system of oppression that enables corruption and dismisses the voices of those most in need. I am running to not just represent the big-dollar donors, but ALL of Michigan’s 6th District. I believe by uniting around this message that resonates with all of our constituents, we can take back our rightful place in Washington. Let’s put working and middle class people in Congress to make policies that help the WORKING AND MIDDLE CLASS.

What I Care About

REPRESENTATION. The working and middle classes pay taxes and yet we are not represented in the federal government. FAMILIES. We can do so much better for our citizens, children, and our parents that are doing their best to make ends meet. This includes easy access to social services, education, healthcare and a healthy environment. FIGHTING INEQUALITY. All people have the right to live freely without fear of violence and to pursue happiness. The government is responsible for eradicating the racism, sexism, and xenophobia that has become ingrained in its systems.

How can you help?

Of course donations are needed, but there are other ways you can help too! After all, people vote-not dollars. We need to spread the word far and wide!

  1. Tell your family and friends that you like my message
  2. Follow me on social media: @jensnotrich2020
  3. Invite me to your town, or stop and say hello when you see me because I WILL BE AROUND!
  4. Email me with your concerns, I want to represent you:
  5. DONATE!

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